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Megan Solis


about their contribution to the @PerformanceArtHouston show,

Not Like the Other, curated by Brandon Zech. 

Visit for more information about the artist. 

Hi I’m Melissa!

is a series of performances I facilitated last year through Performance Art Houston. My aim for my part in the exhibition was to take a self reflective hyperawareness into fictionalized isolated characters . I created a narrative through a flawed character named Melissa who is both lonely and befriended. The viewer becomes a voyeur as Melissa showcases rituals of how she keeps in shape, her nightly bedtime routine, and her thirst for romantic passion.


At the climax of the Melissa saga, you see a chip in the facade as another compelling personality enters by the name of Jessica Von, a long time frenemy who’s sole mission is to show the public how awful Melissa really is. We see the drama unfold as Jessica bullies Melissa online, causing authentic reactions from her Instagram followers. At the end of this experience, Melissa throws herself a huge birthday bash in which not a single one of her Instagram friends attend. She is fated to be forever disappointed and alone. The conclusion leaves no resolution of watchful perceptions through disparity and social media groupthink.

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